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We work hard to produce the best tournaments in Europe.


We aim to provide entertaining, high-quality Twitch broadcasts.


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About Us

Rewind Gaming began in September 2016 simply as a group of friends looking to play with other people. It grew steadily from there, focusing on holding Rocket League tournaments for people both in the server and outside it. We host 3v3 and 2v2 events every single week, so make sure to join our Discord server if you want to take part!

We also have an amazing staff team made up entirely of volunteers. They help out with everything from bracket management to broadcasting to organising partnerships, and without them we wouldn't be anywhere. If you want to apply to join the team, please visit our staff application form!

If you're after more information, want to join our awesome community of friendly Rocket League players or fancy helping us out with a donation, you can find our social contacts here:


Check out our latest Top 5 Plays video!

We make a Top 5 Plays video for every week's 3v3 tournament. If you want to see more, you can take a look at the YouTube playlist!

Our tournament series

All of our tournaments are hosted over on smash.gg.

Rewind Gaming 3v3 Weekly Tournament Poster

RG 3v3 Weeklies

Our original weekly tournament series, the 3v3 Weekly is every Friday at 6:30pm GMT. It usually has our biggest prize pools.

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Rewind Gaming 2v2 Showdown Tournament Poster

RG 2v2 Showdowns

Our new 2v2 Showdown series is a response to popular request. The prize is crowdfunded, so please visit the Matcherino page if you fancy donating!

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Rewind Gaming 3v3 Dropshot Tournament Poster


We also host one-off tournaments from time to time, so keep an eye on our social feeds and Discord server to stay up to date!

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Our partners

We have partnered with a number of organisations. We work with our partners to make the community better for everyone!

Rocket League Coaching Discord logo

Rocket League Coaching Discord

Rocket League Coaching is a community-run discord designed to connect players together and help each other improve. They have members from all skill levels, from Bronze to top 100. Coaching is 100% free.

Throughout their ranks are a variety of talented individuals from all walks of life that come to together with a concentrated ambition to achieve one goal – to make the Rocket League Coaching community the best among e-sports and build upon their community of teamwork and knowledge sharing.

Division6 logo


Division6 is an open community mainly focused and based around Rocket League. They do seasonal one-off tournaments, the occasional stream and do their best to provide a nice experience for all their members. If you're looking for friendly people and great bantz, give them a visit!